COVID-19 update and cancellation policy



As the entire globe battles to overcome the Covid-19 outbreak, are thoughts and prayers are with you all. The health and well-being of our guests and our staff members is of top priority to GRECIAN HOTELS.

In our efforts to keep you updated on the current situation according to the measures and actions taken by the Government of Cyprus, the below information will be regularly updated.


Coronavirus in Cyprus

Cyprus has commenced a gradual lifting of the lock down measures. This is to take place in 4 phases. Currently, the country is in phase 2. Phase one has shown success allowing phase two to commence on May 21st, 2020.   

The hotel/hospitality sector falls into phase 3 which is scheduled to take place between June 9th - July 13th, 2020, provided that the second phase proves to be successful. 

We will be ready to welcome you on July 1st, 2020. 


Measures that are taken for your safety by all Grecian Hotels in Cyprus

Our Commitment to Cleanliness:
We take standards for hygiene and cleanliness very seriously and are taking additional steps to ensure the safety of our guests and associates. On a daily basis, our hotels are working to ensure that they meet the latest guidance on hygiene and cleaning. Our hotels’ health and safety measures are designed to address a broad spectrum of viruses, including COVID-19, and include everything from handwashing hygiene and cleaning product specifications to guest room and common area cleaning procedures.
Steps we are taking: 
  • Hand Hygiene: Proper and frequent handwashing is vital to help combat the spread of viruses. Our teams are constantly reminded that cleanliness starts with this simple act. It’s important for their health and that of our guests.
  • Ongoing Training: In addition to training on housekeeping and hygiene protocols, hotel associates are also completing enhanced COVID-19 awareness training.

Cleaning Products and Protocols: 
Our hotels use cleaning products and protocols which are effective against viruses, including:
  • Guest Rooms: Hotels use cleaning and disinfecting protocols to clean rooms after guests depart and before the next guest arrives, with particular attention paid to high-touch items.
  • Public Spaces: Hotels have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting in public spaces, with a focus on the counter at the front desk, elevators and elevator buttons, door handles, public bathrooms and even room keys.
  • Back of House: In the spaces where associates work “behind the scenes,” hotels are increasing the frequency of cleaning and focusing on high-touch areas like associate entrances, locker rooms, laundry rooms and staff offices.



COVID-19 Destination Protocol - Cyprus

The Action Plan provides for 2 phases for the opening of airports and the restoration of Cyprus' connectivity with other countries, as follows:

- PHASE A - 9 to 19 June 2020

- PHASE B - June 20, 2020

It has been classified by the team of scientists based on their epidemiological picture, in two categories of countries, with which the air connection of Cyprus is restored.

Category A: Greece, Malta, Bulgaria, Norway, Austria, Finland, Slovenia, Hungary, Israel, Denmark, Germany, Slovakia, Lithuania.

Category B: Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Estonia, Czech Republic.

In Phase A, all arrivals will need to have tested negative for coronavirus within 72 hours before departure from a certified laboratory.

During Phase B, which begins June 20, passengers from countries included in category A will not be required to present a certificate.

For passengers from countries in category B, the same process must continue like phase A. (all arrivals will need to have tested negative for coronavirus within 72 hours before departure from a certified laboratory.)

The two lists will be updated and additional countries will be announced in the next few days.

For those countries that are not included in the two categories at any time, flights to the Republic of Cyprus will be allowed, only for Cypriot passengers, legally residing in Cyprus and to persons to whom a special permit will be granted.

In these cases, it will be necessary to present a laboratory test certificate from a certified laboratory, with a negative result which was made within 72 hours before departure. Alternatively, this check will be possible upon arrival in Cyprus. In this case, the passengers will remain in a place indicated for one day or until the announcement of the result.

All passengers from countries not included in the two categories will need to self-isolate at home for 14 days.

The cost of the laboratory test, as well as the cost of quarantine / self-restraint and transport wherever there is, will be paid by the passenger.

In countries where the Authorities are not able to provide a laboratory analysis service to serve those interested in traveling to Cyprus, the service will be provided in Cyprus upon arrival.


As summer approaches, we sincerely hope that the situation will normalize due to the high temperatures on the island and the lack of mass transportation. Cyprus does not have undergrounds nor trains and most people travel by private vehicle, rental car or taxi.  



Your stay with us

When our properties reopen, they will have undergone complete disinfection throughout. An operational plan has already been set forth and will be supervised by our Health and Safety manager.  Further to this, mandatory daily tasks within the hotels such as consistent disinfection  of all high touch  points in public areas  and the placement of hand sanitizing stations throughout the hotels (lifts, entrances, restaurants, facilities), regular staff training, cleaning products and protocols will be just some of the measures GRECIAN HOTELS will take. We want to ensure that our guests feel safe and comfortable staying with us.


Cancellation policy 

We will not be charging cancellation fees to our guests until June 30th, 2020.  Guests should contact our reservations department for further information on how to proceed with either cancelling or re-booking their reservations for any bookings falling into this period.

Guests who booked via online travel agents or other third-party travel professionals are advised to contact their booking provider for information on their policies.


We look forward to opening our doors to you once again. Keep safe and stay well.


Last updated:  May 29th, 2020